Monday, January 16, 2012

critter cam


Having trouble getting your kids to wear their helmets when bicycling?  I've got a solution - strap a camera to it!

Exhibit A shows a typical enthusiastic teen ready for some bicycling.  Except, he's actually wearing a helmet!   Exhibit B shows the same enthusiastic teen from the perspective of a much taller person (or the same person standing on a chair...)

Exhibit A                                                                                                Exhibit B

Yeah, okay so anyway, Wolfgang was playing around with the helmet cam.  He and I made a nice sturdy mount for it as the camera people wanted us to order theirs special (LAUGH!).  Actually, though, our CONCERTED effort consisted of me showing him where various scraps were and him then going and designing and creating and testing it out.  Yay for teamwork. 

Next time, OFF road!  Note that he wisely avoids riding on Crazy Driver Boulevard as it's just not safe to be out there unless one is wearing a bright orange vest and carrying a large bright red stop sign.

... and we wouldn't want something bad to happen to the helmet cam.


  1. That is a pretty nifty little camera! Thanks for taking us on a little tour of the 'hood!

  2. That is AWESOME! This reminds me so much of my brother's GoPro camera (he shoots underwater video with it and all sorts of other cool stuff). Love the incentive to wear a helmet! Whoo hoo!

  3. Pretty nice camera work. I think he's ready for some off road stunts. Next up? Ditch jumping?