Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My day of hopeful productivity went pretty well yesterday.  China and I made a friendly visit to the vet’s and she’s inoculated against rabies for another 3 years.  I’m feeling a little more protective of China these days – maybe we all are- since she’s the last of our furry pets since the cat went to the other side.  And she’s getting on in years.  Her mentalness keeps her young, though.

Between that and some tutoring, I embarked on a bit of a cleaning frenzy, but certainly nothing serious.  This was only to be interrupted by the UPS guy delivering our new helmet cam – WEE! 

I’ve thought about getting one for a while, and Chaco knew a little about them too since he’s the gadget guy / bicyclist.  So it arrived yesterday and naturally I had to squeal and play with delight learn the various functions and test it for any defects. 

I went on a highly HIGHLY covert mission inside the compound.  OH, it was covert!  Notice how I was practically able to lodge the thing up Meego's nose before he was on to me!  And I'm quite sure the fish, intelligent as they are, were unaware of anything. 

In the ManCave, Wolfgang begins spilling secrets without even knowing its All Being Recorded.  Chaco slept through the entire mission!

Now I look forward to taking it on the road!  Not to worry, though, as this will not become a vlog.  I enjoy typing too much.

And I mention the interrupted cleaning frenzy (including Chaco's computer guts from his latest "upgrade" project) for, well, y'know... excuse the mess...


Rock Chef said...

That is great! A fun video!

I have thought about getting one of these on and off for a couple of years now. A friend of mine was able to use footage from his to prosecute a reckless driver who nearly ran him over and then started to threaten him!

"Abby" said...

RC - yes, I've heard and seen these coming in handy for such situations. More justification for getting one, I suppose!

terri said...

Well, I don't really need a helmet, but I might "need" a helmet cam. That looks like so much fun!

And could your kids be any cuter? Meego has an adorable smile!

brandy101 said...

Cool! SO sorry I've been absent from blog commentary. I think December went by in such a flash...I'm just now catching my breath!

Judy said... could Chaco sleep through all that music?


Love it!

agg79 said...

Outstanding video. Nice covert tour of the lair. I cannot wait until you mount the helmet and hit the streets on Tessa. Should be a great adventure. What about a video clip of China?

Jenn and Casey said...

Cool gadget! Never knew such a thing existed!!!

Anita said...

Yes, I chose my vlogs sparingly, however, you come up with winners and I always watch. Is it the "soundtrack" and/or that you appear to not be taking yourself too seriously? Hmmm... Anyway, have fun with the helmet cam. Looking forward to more shows.

And ditto on Terri's comment about your cute offspring. :)