Monday, December 5, 2011

advice served cold

Sheesh it's cold today.  Weather forecast is for a high of 10.  Our school district got a delayed start because of snow and cold.  But I was prepared for the the frigidness of crossing guard duty today - all the way down to my Miley Cyrus leggings.

There are these 3 siblings that are regular customers of mine - two brothers and an older sister.  They came walking up today as usual, braving the cold.  As we walked across the street, I said to them, "Welp, enjoy your walk to school because you'll probably be stuck inside with no outdoor recess today".

They took my advice to heart.  I watched as they made their way up the path to school by wading through the snow and throwing it at each other and plopping down in it.  They were probably drenched and near to hypothermic by the time they got to the building.



Rock Chef said...

Sounds like kids to me!

terri said...

Remember sitting in class with wet pants legs and socks? Your cheeks all red with cold? That's all those kids are gonna have. It's a right of passage for school kids. You were just making sure they didn't miss out.

Anita said...

You're a fun crossing guard!