Saturday, November 19, 2011


Happy Illustration Friday Saturday!  This week's prompt is "vanity".

I am NOT one to get a vanity license plate.  I don't even put those "honor student" bumper stickers on the car.  Nope, our cars are truly profoundly unadorned.  (The "honor student" bumper stickers are slapped onto the bedroom door).

Is there, I wonder, a certain personality profile for people who pay the extra fee for vanity plates?  What does a vanity plate say about them?  Do you have one?  What does it say, and why?


Cindy D. said...

Oooh, great job on the sports car! Very nice shading and details. Well done!

Indigene said...

That car details are great!

terri said...

No vanity plates for me! I have better things to spend my money on. And I hate when you can't figure out what a vanity plate is supposed to be saying. It's a distraction in traffic to have people trying to decipher your vanity plates.

Cool car, by the way!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Nope. No vanity plates for us. I love that they are called that, though...and I love that you thought of it for the IF topic. So clever!

Mindful Drawing said...

No vanity plates here. We make fun of them on the high way.
Indeed, a clever interpretation of vanity.

Guano said...

WASAABI (Green Saab)
4U2NV (Custom 4x4 pickup)
KAMA (Supra)
XVWDVW (Yamaha VMax motorcycle, mounted upside down)
SNAAB (Another Saab)

I admire the cleverness! But not the vanity....

AHAviews said...

Love the drawing, Abby. Since high school I wanted to have the vanity plate FeSO4 - I figured the car would be on its way to becoming rust so might as well have a plate that said so. Who knew back then we'd all be driving plastic cars in the future?

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