Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's Illustration Friday on Sunday this week!  The prompt is "round".

I believe in Karma - that whole notion of what-goes-around-comes-around.   It does offer some comfort when I think about child molesters, or those who cover up for child molesters, or those who bring pepper spray to their black friday events, or...

Maybe it's also why I like to ride my bicycles.

The gerbils of this world understand.


  1. round and round and round...yes, gerbils understand.
    Cute drawing and clever for the topic :)

  2. I know how that gerbil feels sometimes...

  3. Cute gerbil! I love the tri-color coat. Nice perspective job on the wheel, too!

    I think someone else mentioned karma, and I said I would also love to believe in it, even though I'm not sure if it exists. It certainly doesn't hurt to *act* like it's true, which can only make the world a kinder place. Also, I think I need get a bicycle when next Spring rolls around.

  4. Amazing illustration! I don't like things that remind me of rats and child molesters are at the top of my list of "intense dislike". It's bad to say you hate someone, but...

  5. Karma, they say, can be a bitch. Very fitting illustration to drive home the point. I feel like that gerbil and I've been on that wheel way too long.