Friday, October 28, 2011


Happy Illustration Friday once again!  This week's prompt, in time for Halloween I suppose, is "Scary".

Recall that, earlier this week, I had a polygraph test. It was part interesting, part uncomfortable, part scary.  Terri suggested that I create a character out of "Polygraph Man", so I've done that for this week's entry. 

He looks friendly enough... but maybe a bit scary too?  He knows everyhing.


Cindy D. said...

All right, that's a little frightening. I would not want to be alone in a room with that.

terri said...

I had forgotten that I had suggested that! And I've fallen so far behind on my blog reading that I'm just getting to this now.

Polygraph Man is rather intimidating. He looks like he happily knows something you don't know and he can't wait to hold it over your head!