Wednesday, August 10, 2011

odds and ends

School starts up again next week around here.  Which means that THIS week is run-around-and-get-ready-for-school-to-start-up-again week.

Monday was registration for Chaco and Meego, yesterday Wolfgang completed his.  A lot of the documents that need signing and fees that need paying are online this year, which makes the whole process a little simpler.  A little.  And now there is yet another place to hack into to get at my credit card information and everything financial and private. 

But HEY, beats standing in lines, no?

So with that behind us, plus the school supply list which Meego is still subject to... note:  I didn't get nearly half the stuff because of previous years where I've gotten eveything only to have it come back home at the end of the year, smashed but otherwise unused.  Don't conform, people!... we went on a nice little bike ride yesterday. 

And I have a new camera so

You live in Colorado, you will hafta go uphill sometimes

That's okay as long as there's shade and refreshment at some point.  I wonder, how many miles to the Slurpee they average?  Is it cheaper than the gas?

So with that, we should give the appropriate Product Placement photo. 

Oh thank Heaven.


brandy101 said...

Wow, here we have to register and pay by June 1st BEFORE the school year starts in August!

I cannot believe how cheap gas is over your way. It was $3.89 here yesterday at my cheapo place.

This is the 1st year I can't pre-order a big box of "approved" school supplies in one shot, so once the kid feels better, we have to make a run to walmart or whatever to get all of her gear.

agg79 said...

Ya know, as a parent whose kid has graduated, I almost miss those hectic, oh-crap-we-have-to-get-all-those-school-supplies runs. Almost.

And. too, I am chapped your gas is cheaper than ours down here.

terri said...

I started getting really annoyed with those school supply lists when they started getting too specific (FISKARS brand scissors) and not only was I buying boxes of Kleenex, but paper towels and antibacterial wipes, etc. Don't miss that at all!

Looks like a great bike ride complete with refreshing sustenance. I might not feel guilty about drinking a Slurpee if it was preceded by a bike ride!