Monday, July 11, 2011


I've said here before that I don't give a hoot about reality TV.  Most of it I just ignore, some of it actually repels me.  Then there's celebrity gossip and the like.  Don't care for that either.

Then there's The Royals.  Last week, Prince William and his new bride What's-Her-Name were visiting our nation, so there were daily news updates and photos of their every movement.  *Ho Hum*.

BUT, I admit, I'm not totally immune.  I did just happen to catch the news of the recent royal wedding in Monaco.  There was a photo of it somewhere in the middle of the newspaper with a short paragraph about it.

"Oh pretty!", I thought.  "Oooh, Monaco!", I remembered reading something years ago about Monaco and how it was all playground for the filthy rich and not much else.  So while the British Royal Wedding did nothing for me other than offer some amusement as to Elton John's posing like our elementary school mascot, this wedding caught my attention.  Mr. and Mrs. Prince William are just kids, but these two Monacoans, they were like, old! 

I learned that he, Prince Albert, is 53 while she, Princess Charlene is 33.  Take the average, and they're like my age.  I could relate.  Finally something for me to waste time on!

And I did...

I read reports of the wedding, watched videos, learned about the bride and groom, learned about Monaco, even planned a trip for myself there someday: 

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"We could not calculate directions between Colorado Springs, CO and Monaco."

Oh well, thanks a lot for nuthin' Google Maps.

And in the midst of all this research, I learned that all is not quite well in Castle de Monaco.  Reports of possible (more) illegitimate children for the Prince and ice cold feet for the Princess complete with several attempts to be a runaway bride.  Even stories of a curse put on the family, effectively dooming all their marriages forever.  Geesh!

I gotta say, watching video of the wedding, she doesn't look particularly happy.  At one point she's downright bawling and those don't look like this-is-the-happiest-day-of-my-life tears, but rather sh*t-what-have-I-done? tears.

Here's a short clip, what's your impression?

I for one hope things work out.  It figures, though, that I finally find some shallow indulgence only to have it be all confused.

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terri said...

Holy cow, she looks like she's at a funeral! Wanna start a divorce pool on this one?