Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the dark side

We went to see "Transformers 3" over the weekend. I went reluctantly, figuring it was a mom duty. But I confess that I actually rather enjoyed it.  As we left the theater, though, I had this strange feeling that the the other cars in the parking lot were watching us.  Weird.

I have now seen all three of the Transformers movies (see referenced "mom duty" above).  The first one was kinda cute, the second one I barely tolerated.  This one?  Strangely, I think I liked it.  I chalk that strange feeling up to two things:  (1) In the interim between T2 and T3, I have intimately known Optimus Prime, and (2) I had a good sense of what to expect and what not to expect.

Expect lots of explosions and carnage.

Don't expect feeling any deep connection to any of the characters.

Expect some cool mechanical things.

Don't expect much acting skill.

Expect a ridiculously miscast hot female.

Don't expect to think, "yeah, that could really happen".

Expect an adolescent to kick my chair from behind.

Don't expect to get a good seat if arriving right at the posted showtime.

So all up and in, I was glad to have gone.  This is possibly my favorite of the three - not to be confused with being possibly a favorite movie, just a favorite Transformers movie.  It's darker than the other two.

I find that I like dark. Not sure why, but I like.


  1. I think I'll take your word for it on T1, T2, and T3 since I don't have to do "mom duty". Love your "remedy". As long as you've got WD40, duct tape, and a hammer, you've pretty much got everything covered, right?

  2. Jake loves the Transformer movies, so I've seen at least one of them (on DVD). I also found it to be intriguing enough to capture my attention. Maybe that's because it was so weird seeing Louis Stevens turn into someone definitely less dorky.

  3. After T1 & T2, you were expecting an Academy Awards performance from this one? Pure summertime movie drivel.

    And, BTW, the cars are watching you.