Wednesday, March 2, 2011

testing... testing...

It's state assessment test time here in Colorado. Makes for a little different atmosphere at school. So, I'm a test proctor for a couple of students that get special accomodations.

This is typically seen as a dull assignment - watching kids take tests, but I'm rather enjoying it. For one, since these two require accomodations, I'm a more active participant. I read the test to them, all the directions, all the questions. Being the test geek that I am, that's actually kind of fun. Additionally, I'm enjoying working with tese two. They're typical 5th grade boys. Kinda goofy, not very serious, not big on test-taking.

But they're soldiering on well, knowing what's expected of them, testing my limits occassionally. I think we've got each other figured out now. I think I'll actually miss this when it's over next week.

Yesterday, we were doing a writing session - clearly neither of their favorite activities. But, in typical fashion, they performed their due dilligence. At one point in the excitement, one of the kids summoned me. Naturally, assessment test rules state no talking between students, and no distractions to others, so he was accordingly and quietly obeying.

I leaned over to assist in what was surely a highly important assessment test issue needing resolving.

The issue, in *whispers* :

"The old crossing guard... used to give us candy sometimes"

Good to know.


terri said...

Clearly that boy has his priorities in order. How kind of him to make sure you were informed of your shortfalls as a crossing guard in a discreet and non-embarrassing manner.

Anita said...

What do you "not" do? :)

Make sure you have that candy next time!

Judy said...

Love 5th grade boys.

In fact, I have one available for long term leases if you need one around there...and he's already dutifully tested by the state of Texas.

agg79 said...

That boy obviously knows how to work the system. Glad he was able to "straighten" you out.

brandy101 said...

your community is so lucky to have you!

(but you better get hoppin' with some candy to dole out!)

Scott said...

I'd never heard of that happening before--till I read this! Kids never cease to amaze us--we learn so much more from them than the reverse!

You could ask him what kind of candy he likes most--then stock up on it (odds are the other kids will like it too), and pass it out as liberally as allowed by law!