Monday, March 28, 2011

back at it

It's Monday back-to-work day, and it seems appropriate to look back on the week that was spring break.

All in all, it was a nice week off. I was talking with some people at work today - one took a trip to Chicago to meet the girlfriend's family (hot seat!). Another went to the Grand Canyon and had some nice tiny pictures on the cell phone to share.

Me? Well, we went bowling one day - I'm not much of a bowler, unlike some people we know - I just go for the rental shoes; got in some bicycling; took a trip as mentioned to visit/check up on the parents; watched a couple movies.

We watched Red which was a lot of fun. Helen Mirren with a machine gun, John Malkovich in a gilly suit - what's not to like?

Then Magnum and I watched Blood Diamond. I'd heard it was good, but I usually avoid movies with children in disturbing circumstances. I liked it - except for the children-in-disturbing-circumstances thing.

Low-key, yes, but I'm not complaining. It was just about the right length and I for one was ready to get back into the usual routine today. To make the return all the more sweet, it was a speed trap day this afternoon at crossing guard duty.

I swear, it's like shooting fish in a bucket.


agg79 said...

Sometimes low key is the best kind of vacation. Less stressful, more relaxing and easier on the pocketbook.

Judy said...

Love both kinds of breaks - those filled with fantastic adventure, and those that are low-key and relaxing...maybe I can order up one of the latter soon.

The gal in front of us got pulled over in the school zone this morning for talking on her cell phone. BUSTED!

Scott said...

"like shooting fish in a bucket"

I've never heard that expression, until now--love it!

(Helen Mirren's always been a hottie!)

terri said...

Sounds like my kind of spring break. Low key. Relaxing. And bowling! :-) Glad you enjoyed it!