Wednesday, November 17, 2010

not to pick, but...

Chaco's been home this week fighting the snot wars. While he's not sick enough to just lay around all day, he's sick enough to not be hacking germs all about the shared air of the high school.

So, he does a teeny tiny bit of homework, plays video games, fakes like he's doing a teeny tiny bit of homework, and watches movies. Today he watched District 9. That's a very loud movie. I've watched it before and actually liked it in a this-is-weird-but-pretty-good kind of way. I didn't watch with him today, but was rather going about my usual housewifery which isn't usually punctuated with such explosions and frustrated rants unless they are emanating from me personally.

Anyway, this was after I returned home from the annual Thanksgiving Feast at Meego's school. I got wrangled into spooning again. This year? Gravy. Easy, messy fun!

What sometimes intrigues me about these volunteer assignments is the picky poo volunteers. Don't get me wrong, school volunteers are typically good folks, but some can be so picky. Recall earlier this year, I did volunteer duty for Field Day. I was assigned the long jump. I worked next to another mom who told me she "only does long jump" What the...? I think I've done every event there is. I show up and am handed whatever implement necessary. This year, a rake.

So, there I was at the school cafeteria today. Donned my apron and lovely latex gloves and was positioned at the gravy station. Next to the mashed potato station. Next to the volunteer who "only does mashed potatoes".

What the....?


terri said...

Not everyone is as generous and laid back as you are. Maybe those people don't hold enough power in their own lives. Maybe boldly stating that one ONLY does mashed potatoes gives one a sense of power.

brandy101 said...

OMG, another friend and I were just discussing the same situation. In her case, its picky women who "volunteer" at the school library and yet don't want to do the actual work they're really needed to do.

I offer to do WHATEVER although if I can avoid re-shelving non-fiction, then that's a plus! The "sports" and "pets" sections are always a mess! LOL

Anna said...

Hee, I liked District 9 for the South African accents if nothing else!

Super picky volunteering is just plain weird...

Anita said...

You're a good volunteer. I'm been mulling the subject over for the last week or two. Might do a post on it. Hmmm... It would be nice if I were currently volunteering though. Shhh...Don't tell anyone...I'm not.

Hope the kid is on the mend. :)

Judy said...


People PICK their volunteer duties? That can happen? Wow. Learn something new every day.