Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

So I was out running this morning. As is typical, I left my neighborhood and made my way to the middle school track where I ran around a bit before looping around back home. There were about 4 other people at the track. One was the consistent woman I mentioned earlier, the others were unfamiliar.

Consistent Woman wears earbuds, so not much of a conversationalist. Fine. Usually, as I encounter another runner, I'll say "hello", or "good morning" or whatev. As I went by one of the unfamiliars, an earbudless man, I gave some sort of aforementioned greeting. He in turn said, "good job". But it wasn't just "good job", it was rather emphasized and came out as, "Good Jaaaahhhhhb!". Funny how such a simple phrase can be such a nice thing! And a nice way to start the day. I plan to pay it forward. Really, it is so easy to brighten another's day!

My workload has been light, by design. I have just one tutor student presently, and she's been out of town. Yesterday, I attended a fun and effective workshop at the mother ship in Denver. With all of this training and brushing up I've been doing lately, with not much of a student pool to crack the whip on, you can guess what my kids are (forced into) doing with their free time! HA! They probably can't wait for the start of school!

Good job, everybody. Good job.


terri said...

Why thank you! That did brighten my day!

Now... take it easy on those kids. Don't make 'em work too hard.

Good job!

(I like it. Think I'll pay it forward too!)

agg79 said...

Good job!
Keep working them kids. Don't let 'em rest. They can always slack off when school's back in session.

Like the simple encouragement. Remindse me of when I run the marathon and eveyone is rooting you on. Great way to keep you motivated.

Anita said...

I enjoy the runner camaraderie, too. A simple wave and smile is easy and conveys a motivating "good job" message. A verbal greeting is even better.

But there are always those who will not lift or turn their heads. That's okay.

Hope you're enjoying the time with your boys and that it is recipricol. :)

Not much blogging time for me lately with my girls home; but that's okay, too.

Judy said...

Good job to you , too!

Deirdre said...

Do you typically run without ear buds? Just curious.

When outside, and running alone, I like the comfort of music to push me through my run. When I've got a friend along side of me, I don't feel they are necessary.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Random positive words from strangers are lovely things - it's always nice to see someone's face light up when you say something nice about them.

Perhaps that's something I'll make a point of doing this afternoon...

Deirdre said...

Oh, and when I'm running outdoors alone, I typically run for time and don't like to stop to talk much to people so I just wave. That seems to suffice for most people. :P

I'd talk to you, though, if we ever crossed paths. ;)