Saturday, May 22, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Sunday. The blog didn't get a whole lot of attention from me this week, and now it's nice to be here, counting the ways.

Yes, it was a rather busy week, but productive. I finished off one tutor student, and that's always nice - getting to closure, cutting that cord, and sending the test taker to go make or break his future.

I also had a fair amount of fun/me time. There's just a week and a half of school left, so I need to stock up.

I mentioned that I went on another field trip. It was after a rather last minute request to accompany a group to the local mining museum. It was actually quite fun, and I learned a few things. It was also nice to see my hometown represented as a mining town and not (just) the sex change capital of the world.

And let me just express some gratitude for the fantastic art of Frank Frazetta, who died last week. He is one of my favorite artists, able to say much more than a thousand words with one picture. So expressive, so emotive, so intense.

While some may categorize him as just a "comic book artist", I can only hope to be able to depict moons and other things so well...

R.I.P. Mr. Frazetta.


terri said...

I've never heard of Frank Frazetta, although, not being artistic, that's not surprising. His artwork, from what I see here, is very captivating. Just a comic book artist? I don't think so.

Scott said...

Well, Terri has already said what I was going to say, almost word-for-word! Yes, that picture is remarkable--and whoa, what a fantasy for me, not just the woman, but everything around her! Wish I could jump into that scene, and join her!

Also, the mining museum--that sounds fascinating! As you can imagine, there's no mining in this part of the country!

Whodat? said...

Thatsa lotta volupt!

brandy101 said...

Yeah, "moons" is right! LOL!!!!!!!!!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

I don't believe in anyone being 'just' a comic book artist - some comics have really amazing, detailed illustrations that are definitely art in their own right.

I really like this picture too.