Sunday, April 25, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Sunday, and a real sun day it is! Well, after our cold, wet spring storm, I'm revelling in any sunshine and warmth we can get. The snow is all gone now, such is springtime in Colorado.

This past week saw a nice balance of productivity and sloth. Run With Timber preparations are right on schedule.

I think.

In movie news, we watched The Fifth Element, which we found very fun. It's got something for everyone: Sci-fi, action, adventure, drama, humor, a love story... Plus, it's just one of those movies that can laugh at itself, which I appreciate. Really, go see! I'd never heard of it before. Magnum selected it as he has a thing for is a big fan of Milla Jovovich, and will watch anything she's in.

Despite the sloppiness of Friday, I enjoyed a fair amount of running around on the bicycle, while wearing shorts and short sleeves, even. Road bike even.

Between work work and volunteering work, I'm pretty busy, but still found time to indulge in therapeautic artsy time. I seem to be drawn to drawing boats lately. I managed to keep this junk boat on the page after last week's Viking fail.



terri said...

It amazes me how quickly snow comes and goes around there. You've got to be grateful for the quick departure!

Love your boat! It looks very relaxed and mellow.

brandy101 said...

Hubby and Kiddo watched 5th element last weekend! I think I saw it years ago in the theater.

I cannot understand your weather. I thought OURS was a bit crazy...hmmph!

Scott said...

Nice ship!

And "The Fifth Element"--I have that in my DVD collection, great movie! I also have the soundtrack of "The Fifth Element" among my CD's. It's a wonderful soundtrack, with alot of variety!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Yay - I am very fond of The Fifth Element. It gives my brother and I an excuse to use the phrase 'multi-pass' at inappropriate times...

agg79 said...

Love the junk.
Have watched the The Fifth Element many times. I can relate to Magnum's fixation of Milla. I assume he's seen the entire Resident series.