Friday, April 23, 2010


It is supposedly spring, but we're having us a snowday today. And this time, it really is snowing! Oh well, so a good day to stay in an putz and partake in Illustration Friday!

This week's prompt is "ahead", and it brought to me thoughts of racing. Ever win a race? It's all about getting ahead, being ahead, and staying ahead.

I enjoy watching horse races, although I don't care to gamble. So much power and grace and speed displayed for about 2 minutes. The winner of the Belmont Stakes last year was a horse named "Summer Bird".

It just seemed appropriate for getting "ahead" on this late April snowday.


Scott said...

And a powerful, beautiful horse that is--the kind I'd like to have!

Snow? What's that?

Seriously, it has not snowed in Pensacola the twelve years I've lived here. It did come close, one day in February (the coldest February on record here)--but not close enough (Southern Alabama, north of the Florida State line, got quite a bit though.) In fact, it's already hot here, during the day--and it's going to get alot hotter!

terri said...

Beautiful. Your talent never fails to impress me. Your horse looks so sleek and muscular, just like the real thing.

agg79 said...

Very nice form. Shows off the power & grace of the horse & rider.

Snow again? It's time to put the snow shovel away as start plowing the spring crops.