Sunday, March 7, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Sunday! I'm a little later than usual at getting to my silver liningness, but it's all good.

Firstly, the last of my family member checkups was completed on Monday. Got the cat all examined and vaccinated and freaked out. Good for one more year.

Meego went to a birthday party today. The place it was held at was a total DIVE the last time he was invited to a party there. I was reluctant to take him to this one, but it was for one of his good friends at school, so for that reason alone, he should go. The place has cleaned up its act from last time, and it looked like a good party all around. The other 3 invitees were all boys from Meego's class that I like, so I'm thankful that he's in such good company.

A friend of mine from high school, whom I have reconnected with on facebook, was trying to talk me into getting my nose pierced. I explained that I have a nose mole that would look weird next to a pierce stud, and took this photo to prove it to her. She's no longer trying to talk me into getting my nose pierced, and that's nice. Sheesh, get ONE tattoo....

Work is still busy, probably busier than I'd prefer. An incident this week reminded me that
I don't HAVE to work. I do this because I enjoy it, and that's a nice position to be in.

And another movie recommendation. We watched Rat Race this weekend which was a total hoot. Just pure stupid fun.


agg79 said...

Glad the cat came out ok (if that is possible). Gotta take dog 1 in for grooming this week and dog 2 in next week for round 2 of HW treatment. I do not envy you on cat duty. Been there, done that.

Used to attend lots of kid parties. Now that junior is in college, we have more time for adult parties. Although, it is good for him to be hooked up with a good crew.

And nose piercings? Sorry, but I think you should draw the line there. Another tat, maybe. But why mess up what God gave you? Glad you are not tempted to much.

BTW - saw Rat Race a few years ago. You called it dead on - stupid fun.

terri said...

Taking cats to the vet is no fun. They are so resistant! Last time Mark took one of ours, he thought he'd take her without the kennel because he couldn't find it. She peed on his brand new truck seat.

You're in a good position with your work, and clearly, you know when to draw the line. Nice that you have that luxury.

I have a nose mole too. No one notices it much but it bugs me. A friend suggested I could hide it by getting a piercing THROUGH it. Somehow I don't think that's wise!

Wendy said...

Oh cats at the vet are not fun haha. We never take our cat. Well we did the kitten shots but She never ever goes outside so I don't think there's a need for shots? I don't know but she's very healthy. We do take the dogs though. They're easier to manage.

Whodat? said...

Guess what kind of mystery meat "anonymous" likes best....
SPAM, perhaps?

Judy said...

You have had a great week!

I'm such a helicopter mom. I am VERY leery about dropping Travis off for birthday parties. He's 10. I probably should embrace this stage at some point, right?

Anita said...

Okay...but how 'bout a belly button piercing/ring? :)

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Hah, I remember Rat Race - haven't watched that in years (stupid fun indeed!).

I think everyone has a friend who encourages them to get random piercings. And I remember my mum used to tell me I'd look great with a belly button ring - I was confused, as surely she was the one who was supposed to be telling me no!