Monday, December 21, 2009

the twee

So here's Christmas Tree Oh Nine. Isn't she cute? We adopted her Saturday and she seems to be taking nicely to her surroundings.

She has yet to meet the dog, though.

We expect her to sleep all through Christmas and beyond. This tradition with the live Christmas trees started many Christmases ago. I don't even remember, but I guess we just decided to get a tree that would go on top of a table and be out of little kid reach.

Now the "little kids" are the ones who hang the lights on the house.

The trees are later planted somewhere in the yard. I really wonder how our trees are doing at the houses we no longer live at.

This tree be a dwarf blue spruce. I think. I don't remember if we went for the regular or the dwarf and I don't feel like going out into the cold garage to check it right now.

Anyway, we've got the tree. The decorations are up. My shopping's done. Cards are mailed.

It can be Christmas now.


terri said...

It can be Christmas now?


Everybody, come on! Abby's ready! Let's have Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!

Duble said...

hey we did the same thing, we have a dwarf blue spruce, i am going to plant. I hope it lives.

Anita said...

It can't be Christmas yet. The snow killed my final shopping day. It can be Christmas on Tuesday night.

Are you going to show us the cute little tree all decorated?

Beej said...

It's a nice tree, Abby. Let's name it.