Saturday, November 7, 2009


Okay, so I got this e-mail. It was highly personal. I know that because it started out:

"Dear Colleague:"

It's from a group at the national level of the place I work. Apparently they are revamping the website and "online center"and want to include biographies of us teachers on there. The e-mail was asking me to click a link to fill out the survey for my info to be included in this sleek new "online center". The results of the survey are for "professionally-crafted profiles for perusal by prospective and current students"

Okay fine.

So I clicked the link, filled in a couple of rudimentary questions and then scanned some of the other questions. There were forward and backward buttons so I figured I could move around before submitting my survey.

Well, turns out I couldn't.

I clicked the forward button and got that "THANKS FOR COMPLETING OUR SURVEY. YOUR ANSWERS HAVE BEEN RECORDED" page. No going back, no reset button, just pretty much "thanks, goodbye, dear colleague".

Perhaps it will elicit my coming across as one of the more mysterious teachers. The intrigue my sparse profile will bring about will have prospective students signing up for classes left and right! What a great marketing ploy!

Or not.


LauraBelle said...

How frustrating is THAT!? I've done that before and I knew I hadn't done a "spell check" on what I'd written ... ugh. So, will you hear back from them or do you get a link or something to go check out your mysterious profile??

terri said...

It's not good to provide too much personal information online anyway. Better to remain a woman of mystery.

Herb said...

Hmmm...Mystery teacher sounds too much like the cafeteria mystery meat...Doesn't seem like a good career move. Did you consult your Magic 8 ball?