Friday, November 20, 2009

oh em gee

It's a day off today, and I've got a to-do list sitting here in front of me. There is no item that says "blog", but since I can't decide what to do next, here I am.

I just got back from Friday morning VoMo duty in Meego's classroom, so maybe I can scratch that off of the TD list to make me feel somewhat productive. Of course, I'll have to write it on the TD list first... then scratch.





Update: It's later now.

See, as I was sitting here procrastinating, I looked at what I needed to do and saw "alignment for the subaru", and thought, "well, there's something fun I can do". Okay, not really. But I wanted to get that done and it looked better than dog kennel duty so....

I've vented here before about my mistrust of our automotive service place. Seemed that every time I took a vehicle there for something minor like an oil change, they'd find a bunch of $$$tuff that needed fixing. But I reluctantly continued to go there because of their convenient location.

Today, I rebelled. I found another shop that's a little further away, but not by much, for the alignment. After a short wait, this is what they said (paraphrasing).

"The alignment's not that bad, the pulling is mainly caused by a tire issue. Your tire tread is still okay, but if you're going to get tires in the next few months, you should just do the alignment then. You don't really need to do anything now".

Then she printed out a "receipt" for ZERO dollars.

It's Friday, I'm in love.



brandy101 said...

I love honest businesspeople!

Anita said...

Checking off things on the "to do list" is always a satisfying and good day, especially when you didn't have to spend money. :)

terri said...

You gotta love a place that isn't just trying to make a buck, but has good business ethics too!

agg79 said...

You MUST send that shop a Christmas card. Bake them some cookies. Knit them a scarf. Whatever it takes, you have found one of the mythical unicorns of the automotive repair business - someone who will honestly take care of you and not look at you to pay for their retirement.