Wednesday, October 21, 2009

he needs a 25 or better

Oh happy day!... Despite the fact that it's been blustery cold and snowy all day and I spent it wonderously indulging in tidying up the house.

It's a happy day because, as of yesterday about noontime, I completed a tutoring package for an okay kid with a rather annoying father. Now, it's hard to really put my finger on why I found this father so annoying. Let's just say he RUBBED ME THE WRONG WAY, plus there were some other aspects of this particular assignment I didn't particularly like, BUT not to be whiner, let's just say I was glad it was finished.


Just as I was THANKFULLY leaving their house (note: we prefer not to tutor in people's homes, but it says right there on the website - "convenient in-home tutoring!" - so there I reluctantly was, blasted website...) the aforementioned father lays this on me: "We think we might have him take the test again in December, to try for a better score. We'd like to get in some more tutoring hours for that, will you let me know your availability?"


I was leaving! I was in the car! The engine was running! I had even backed up a few feet! I was SO nearly free!! Then I saw him in the driveway and STUPIDLY rolled down my window to see if he wanted to consult with me. ACK.

Okay, so I normally naturally want my students to do well on their tests. But this one more than others. Guiltily, not out of opportunity for him, but so I don't have to tutor him anymore! Even though it would mean some extra cash... I just don't wanna!

Okay, so the kid's test is this Saturday. Send some good JuJu his way, K? For me??


Judy said...

Sounds like an ACT score. I'm praying for a 32...

brandy101 said...

he will do well and you will not have to revisit!!! I will it to be so!

Duble said...

ACT is another stupid test. They all are. Kids that aren't so good at test taking but try hard are much better college material than kids that test well, but spend all day talking to those around them.

Beej said...

*waves her hand over Abby's blog and says "these are not the droids you are looking for"*

There. That oughta do it.

terri said...

Sending all the JuJu I got....

Whodat? said...

Dad is to annoying as Abby is to _____________.

a. sap
b. pushover
c. tolerant
d. tutor

Answer: c.
(because it's almost always c.)

agg79 said...

You had your chance. Shoulda gunned it down the driveway and peeled out in a cloud of smoke & burnt rubber. NOW you're in for it. Just light another candle and pray he aces it today.