Friday, August 14, 2009


I guess it's been a busy week because, here it is Friday, and I'm all, "where did the week go??"

A lot of things on my to-do list have not gotten done, but there's solace in knowing that it's because of all the other stuff I was getting done.

The car is fixed and Magnum reports that it's noticeably improved. I only drove it home down the hill from the shop so couldn't tell. In the meantime, we have yet to procure that cheapo beater car.

Chaco, Wolfgang, and Meego are now all officially registered and I.D.'d and scheduled for school which starts next Monday. High school registration was Tuesday, and yesterday, Meego and I toted his boatload of school supplies on up to his school for the all important find-out-who-yer-teacher-is session and the all the more important find-out-who-yer-classmates-are peek. I was also suckered into manning the PTO t-shirt selling table at said event.

Yesterday, I had to give a test in the morning, so had gotten up at dark crack of dawn to go running. I walked out the front door to find Chaco and a friend loitering around in the dark. Turned out, they'd stayed up all night to watch the meteor shower and do who knows what else. I myself saw two shooting stars during my run before the sun washed out the activity.

There were dentist appointments scheduled for the afternoon, but I intelligently cancelled them earlier in the week when I realized that stuffing them between work and back-to-school would be like getting a size 18 woman into a size 10 dress.

Plus, sleep-deprived Chaco became crabby as the day wore on. I wouldn't want to be messing with his mouth.

Now it's Friday. Maybe I'll get caught up on stuff. Somewhere in there, Magnum and I surpasssed the 19-year mark. Anyone got a cheapo beater car they want to sell me?

Oh, and we have no dogfood.


Beej said...

I DESPISE it when there's no dog food!! And I FORGOT that last night was peak for the meteor shower. Sheesh. remind me that I still haven't made the dental appointments for filling their stinkin' cavities (one kid worse than the other). It usually makes me happy to come here, but I must say you have let me down today. My Jeep is running better too though ($500 later).


terri said...

Sounds a lot like my week. It's a sure sign that summer is coming to an end. (Wahhhhh!)

Judy said...

Girl, you are just livin' on the edge, arentcha?

We have one more week before the kids go back to school. I need about another month.

brandy101 said...

you are a BUSY mom!

here I am , sipping coffee, reading blogs, and yet again putting off folding laundry.

I have also not technically exercised in a few days BUT I am hauling boxes up and down stairs all day w. the moving so I am giving my bod a break since its getting pretty beat up w. that.