Monday, August 10, 2009

in cars

It's Monday morning. Our car's in the shop.

I took it in last Friday because Magnum said it was vibrating (ooooooh) and pulling to the right when he applied the brakes. See, I rarely drive. I just take care of all the vehicle maintenance. So if he breaks something notices that something is awry, I make the appointment, bring it in, etc.

It supposedly needs new brake rotors, oh, and a couple of transmission bu$$hing$$.

In the meantime we have this grandma loaner car - no offense meant to actual grandmas. It's a white Oldsmobile sedan, so basically, it has absolutely NO personality. Oh well, I rarely drive.

And I mentioned in the previous post that we're also shopping for a cheapo beater car. Why, if I rarely drive, is so much effort going into automobiles? Well, Magnum's office recently moved. He used to work about a mile away from home, so he typically walked or rode his bike to work. Now he's about 20 miles away, so he drives - in a carpool - but he still needs to tow the line when it's his turn to do so.

I think I've mentioned here before that, if not for the kids, I probably wouldn't even own a car as I consider myself a bicycle commuter first, reluctant licensed driver second. Maybe Magnum and I would just have one car between us. But that "if" is pretty irrelevant since we have 3 kids. And Chaco just recently got his learner's permit. He is to log at least 50 hours of driving practice within the next year, and it's become very apparent that it's hard to practice driving when there is no car around.

Our other vehicle is a big butt econoline van, purchased mainly for road trips, and not conducive to learning to drive unless at bus driver school.

So we're perusing the want ads. There are some real pieces of crap out there. I can buy a car for less than what I paid for one of my bicycles. I can buy a car for less than what I'm about to pay the shop that's fixing our Subaru. I can buy a car for less than what my students pay just for their online access.

Many remind me of my first car. A truck actually.
Aah, the memories. And what a great personality.


Adam said...

My first car was a 1991 Camry. I loved that thing. Named it Irwin. Then it died and I kept one of its hubcaps because I painted them red,white and blue. It's hanging on my bedroom wall. True story.

I love that little nudge at Magnum, by the way. That's why I like you; we both have that dry sense of humor :D

terri said...

I'm amazed at the amount of bicycling you manage, considering your location. You do get your share of cold and snow, don't you? (I mean except for last year when you were running in capris in February!)

Judy said...

Hey - I'm no granny, but I love love LOVE my granny's-grocery-getter! 1997 LeSabre with 60,000 miles! WHOO HOO!

agg79 said...

Hey, don't knock them old people's cars. I used to drive one or two in my yout ('72 Impala, '70 LeSabre). Big as a barge and not real babe magnets. Although, they were great to haul your friends in and they were fairly indestructible.

I'd stiok with your plan for a good used car. You need something that is reliable and easy to maintain, not one of those expensive, flashy electronic marvels. Love the old Chevy truck.

Beej said...

There is something very wrong with the Jeep right now. I told Dirty Larry about it and he seemed concerned...but I think the concern was $$$ and not my safety. Sayin'.