Thursday, May 14, 2009

to the nines

Nine years ago today, I was slowly making re-entry back into the world of the sane. Well... the nearly sane anyways.

Meego was born that morning. FINALLY! Crazy kid was 2 weeks past due - biggest fattest baby in the nursery. By that time, I had nearly lost my grip on reality. Funny things happen to a woman's mind when she goes past her due date. Crazy strange things.

But he was well worth the wait. And true to his beginnings, he takes his time getting things done. No rush. No type A.

Meego is the baby of the brood, the "caboose". Maybe I treat him a little differently than I did his brothers when they were his age. I walk him to school for instance. Wolfgang likes to remind me that I allowed him to walk to school without me in third grade. Yeah, well.... if I remember, it was Wolfgang's idea...

Anyway, Meego - my fat happy baby - is nine today. Such a big number.


  1. Two weeks past due...yikes. They start to turn into little men oldest is about nine months older and I look at him and scratch my head sometimes.

  2. Happy Birthday Meego. 9 years young, eh? Looks like he is just about ready to start dating and breaking hearts.

  3. Happy Birthday Meego! Sounds like he was worth the wait!

  4. Hope it was a great one - how was the cake?

  5. Happy Birthday Meego!!!!! :)

    Hope it was a blast..I missed the cake!! heh....

  6. Happy be-Lated Birthday~! And MANY more, happy 'n healthly ones to come ... *smiles*

  7. Awwww... yay for birthdays and oversize hat pictures!