Friday, May 22, 2009

tee gee eye eff?

It's been a rather roller coaster week, what with the whole Ulysses thing and all. It's still pretty raw with me, and let me say that I really appreciate the kind and sympathetic comments left on my last post.

I think Meego is doing "as well as could be expected". He had one good opening-of-the-floodgates episode which I'm actually glad of. If he would've just gotten all withdrawn or something, I'd be more concerned. I'm sure this is something that will stay with him though. Like several years from now, if he's sitting on some therapist's couch describing his childhood, the scar of one of his best friends being shot and killed by his older brother in third grade will most likely come up.

So we're coping, getting through those grief stages. I forget all of them, but I think it starts with denial (been there done that. Still go back now and then) and ends with acceptance (nope, not yet).

There's a makeshift memorial at Ulysses' house. A big pile of gifts and cards and notes and such. Meego and I will go and leave something.

I'm thinking Dip 'n sticks.


terri said...

It's going to take time, I'm sure. Somehow, I get the impression that your kids are pretty resilient and Meego will come through this ok. Dip 'n Sticks seems like the perfect thing to leave at the memorial.

Kelly said...


Goes by the name of Anna said...

I'm glad Meego is handling things as well as he can.

Um, if it counts for anything, kids are indeed resilient. When I was in grade 2, a girl in my class was killed by her father. And obviously it was strange and terrible at the time, but the teachers were great and let us know what was going on, and helped everyone deal with it. I'm very glad, in retrospect, that they told us so honestly what was going on - it was much better that way than letting rumours circulate and freak us out. Not the same circumstances I know, and it's rarely appropriate to draw comparisons in situations like this, but just telling the tale because yes, kids are nothing if not resilient.

As long as he's able to let stuff out, and have any questions he has answered honestly, hopefully he'll be just fine.

Internet acquaintances or not, I'm thinking of you guys...

agg79 said...

You are keeping an incredibly strong front and I think it helps Meego deal with it. This kind of tragedy leaves a scar on everyone but with the love of family and friends will help him (and you) accept the loss. Hold him tight and remember the good times.

Judy said...

Oh girl...your dip-n-stix line got to me.