Saturday, May 2, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXXVII

Welcome to another episode of Silver Lining Saturday. This past week was Run With Lumber in case no one noticed.

First of all, I'm thankful that the weather literally shined down on us. The two days before the event were crappy rainy cancel-Run-With-Lumber type weather. The day after was crappy windy blow-away-all-of-the-root-beer-floats weather. Yesterday was (and so far, today is) a repeat of crappy rainy. But Wednesday, THE day, was BEA-U-tiful party-outside weather!

So for my SLS photo of the week, I must throw in another Run With Lumber photo. Besides, that was the only time I used the camera this week. There's some runners and some volunteer lap counters (not to be confused with volunteer lap dancers).

And I am thankful for all those volunteers. I had lots of help from volunteer friends and made a couple of new volunteer friends. I was pretty much able to just walk around with my clipboards and look important (not to be confused with actual importance).

In other news, I went for a lovely bicycle ride this morning in the fog. It's almost eerie outside, all this moisture. It's like that misty place where Merlin lived in that last King Arthur movie. Not typical Colorado weather, but it happens occassionally. I rode Bella as her fat tires grip the wet roads better than skinny Tessa's. I'm thankful I have two bicycles to choose from - how pampered is that?

Also this week, I sat in on a class of one of my fellow teachers. Just to observe and get some tips from one of the "masters". Guy's a hoot. And I learned stuff too.



terri said...

What more could you ask? You got a perfect day for Run w/ Lumber in the midst of all the crummy weather. Sounds like the event was an overwhelming success too. Congrats!

agg79 said...

Glad it was great day for the run and everyone had fun. Since it was such a success, does that mean that you are automatically signed up to organize/run it again next year? (or for the next 3-4 years?)

And remember, to be really important, you must have a clipboard AND a whistle.

Beej said...

I'm gonna hire you to organize my next event. (too bad I never have any events)