Sunday, March 29, 2009

you're with Stupid

I've owned my current bicycling helmet for over a year. It's purdy. It's red and white and a little black. I don't think much about it, but if I don't wear it while riding my bicycle I feel kinda naked.

Several months ago, the thick pads I had in there to make it fit my head correctly came unglued and fell out. That was crappy because then it didn't fit right. I tried to think of some ways I could put something else in there to make it fit right, but in the meantime, I just tied a bandana around my head to wear underneath the helment. I didn't particularly like this solution - it added yet another step to the whole bicycling preparation and it, God forbid, kinda messed up the position of my ponytail. Nope, didn't like it. But it was better than having my helmet all loose and wobbly.

So the other day, we're all at the park. Meego's on his bicycle, Wolfgang's on his rollerblades, Chaco's on his bicycle. Meego's complaining about his crappy helmet - which really is crappy, shouldn't have bought that one. Then Wolfgang announces that his helmet is too small.

"Give it to Meego", I suggest. AHA! Beautiful. Problem solved - well, for Meego anyway.

Chaco announces that his helmet's small too. "Give it to Wolfgang". AHA! Beautiful. Problem solved - for Wolfgang anyway.

Okay, so all this leads up to me going with Chaco to get a new cycling helmet yesterday. He ended up selecting the same make and model of the purdy red white and a little black helmet that I own, just in different colors. AND his had this cool adjustable head strap, so it can fit a whole range of heads just perfectly!

"Gee, I wish my helmet had that adjustable strap", funny, they're the same make and model, maybe mine's just an old design.

No. Not really. Mine has the adjustable strap too. I checked when we got home. I just never knew it. All this time. All savvy bicycle commuter chick. Wearing that stupid bandana.

How em*BARR*assing. I hope no one finds out.



  1. Your secret's safe with me. I won't tell anyone.

  2. Terri and Judy and agg79 are lying, I'm pretty sure. I'm personally gonna tell bunches of people but I'll wait til the right moment. I'll use YOU to divert people's attention from something um...dumb...that I do. See how that works? You're a great friend.

  3. If you look up at about midday, you should see a small two-seater plane buzzing over your neighbourhood with a fifty metre banner attached saying "Abby has helmet issuesssss" trailing behind it. I'm going with reverse psychology- you'd love the publicity, right?

  4. Meh - you would not believe how often I do stuff like this...

    The other day I was eating a packet of M&Ms that were all yellow (some competition/promo thing they were running). It took me until about halfway through the pack to realise...