Saturday, March 7, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXIX

It's snowing! After a couple weeks of spring-like weather, people around here will probably freak out.

I, however, will see the silver lining in this. It's been really dry. We need the moisture. The area's been on high fire alert off and on for the last month. High fire alert in February? Let it snow!

I'm busy this week with "Run With Lumber" activity. All the behind-the-scenes stuff. It all happens in one day, coming up in April, but there's lots to do between now and then, so I'm chipping away at it. Each year, I think, "this year will be my last of chairing this event". But then I admit, it does have its fun aspects. And when the teachers see me in the workroom with all the stuff in various stages of readiness, they get all, "Ooooh! Run with Lumber!" And I know the kids enjoy it.

Uhm, I did get a new bicycle this week. Oh, she is muy fun and muy rapido. Because of the nice weather, before the snow today, I was able to go on a couple of bike rides this week. Wind hampered us a little bit, but not enough to hide the noticeable differences between a road bike and a mountain bike. I've named her Tessa for "vitesse" - Italian for "speed". Bella remains aloof, but she'll come around - tough, big-boned girl that she is.

On that note, I'm thankful for my husband's gainful employment and our responsible handling of our finances that allows me to work part-time and do school volunteering as well as support my bicycling habit. That was a long sentence.


terri said...

You're finally getting some winter weather. Somehow when I picture Colorado, I never imagine weather like you've described lately. We are looking at "a 90% chance of measurable snow" tomorrow. Yeah, yeah. Old news. We're on the home stretch to spring.

It's nice to have your volunteer efforts appreciated. I was heavily involved in volunteering when my kids were younger and just when I'd feel so underappreciated I wanted to give up, someone would come along and express sincere thanks and I'd sign on for yet another year. Kids need suckers like us.

agg79 said...

Good luck with the Run with Lumber. In spite of all of the organizational headaches, the benefits are worth the price.
Enjoy the snow (Snow? What's that?) and don't getting any speeding tickets on Tessa.

Judy said...

I'm sure that snow is lovely - we'll look at it in pictures here, okay? Everything is in bloom!

TWO bikes! You are one lucky girl!

LauraBelle said...

Yea-hurray for you! And hurray for being blessed to be doing okay with things being the way they are! I'm happy for you ... {{hugg}}