Sunday, March 22, 2009

Silver Lining S-day, part XXXI

And what a lovely week it was, wasn't it? Let's re-cap!

First of all, the schools are on spring break. Started officially on Friday, although I don't think much schoolwork was done in the days leading up to it. We have no big plans for the break. Wolfgang's got a pet-sitting job and Meego even got a job to see to some neighbors garbage, so we're staying close to home. But I look forward to some fun and frolic and general mayhem.

This week, we sat down with our financial planner guy to see how things were sitting. Well, I'm glad we weren't planning to retire this year, but all in all, the report was pretty good... All things considered... In a relative sense of things... Could be worse... I am thankful that Magnum and I have always been on the same page when it comes to handling our finances, and that we started young. It's probably good that we were both nearly flat broke when we got married, so when we started earning then saving money, we never missed spending it.

I had a conference with Meego's teacher, and he got a glowing report. He'd started the year out "so quiet", but I figured he was just getting the lay of the land since 3 of his good friends moved away last summer. Just his nature. He's come around just fine. I like his teacher too, but kinda funny how "quiet" is seen as a concern. Why isn't he ADHD like everyone else?!?!

Things are settling down for a friend of mine who had a rough year. New home, new job, new man. She's tough. Nothing like having a husband leave you and the kids for a teenager to find out the mettle you're made of!

And I'm thankful for quality time with my bicycles. Happy Spring!


Husbands Anonymous said...

I enjoy your catch-up posts. Like a glimpse of good stuff. Thank you.

LauraBelle said...

My kids don't have Spring Break until next month! They have early release (1:03pm) Friday the 10th and go back on Monday the 20th. The fun part is that we're taking the motorhome 'n stayin at the park in Pismo Beach while they're out, yay! I am glad you've got things 'under control' regarding finances. Scarey times for sure. May you have sunny warm days for riding your bike!

terri said...

I love spring break. It's always so stress-less.

I'm surprised too at the concern over Meego being "too quiet." I think sometimes the teachers feel they need to comment on something...anything. Personally I don't think "too quiet" is a big deal unless the homework isn't getting done or the kid is construction home-made bombs in his spare time.

Static Brain said...

Too quiet? You would think she would be glad there was at least one child who didn't yell and scream and carry on or otherwise disrupt the class. I don't understand why it bothered her, unless maybe she thought he was depressed or something.

Whimsical Ranter said...

[raising a glass] Here's to silver linings, good news, and vacations!

Happy spring to you too!