Sunday, March 1, 2009

Silver Lining S-day, part XXVIII

My cup runneth over! (Really, I just spilt a bit of coffee on the pants...)

And it's time for another episode of Silver Liningness. It's been a good productive week that went by fast. March? Already?

Work was pretty busy this week, I'm learning new stuff. Yesterday, I took a test so that I could teach new stuff. Don't know yet if I qualified, but I know I'm getting there. I used my lucky pencil.

Don't want to sound like a broken record, but we had some good weather days again. It's nice to be able to get out and play in the middle of "winter", minivan moms and all.

Ever get into one of those cleaning moods? I got into one and took advantage of it. You should see the upstairs shower and tub!

Got a letter from my mom yesterday - yes we still communicate by pen on paper, weird! She says my dad's getting the internet. WHAT?!?


Judy said...

I will NEVER forget the day my 92 year old grandmother acquired Internet-ness. Heaven help us all.

terri said...

My cup literally DID run over today. Spilled a nice hot mocha down my leather jacket at the mall. Nice.

I'm jealous of your weather. I keep telling Mark we need to move somewhere less extreme, but he's having none of it. Dang it.

Letters are the BEST. I wish someone was still interested in communicating with me via snail mail. Then again, email does satisfy my need for instant gratification.