Monday, March 23, 2009

bowl-o-rama o-bama

Yeah, it's spring break like I said. Magnum took the week off of work, so we're having a staycation because of the pets and garbage obligations. Today: To the bowling alley!

I've never been a particular formidable bowler, but I always have a good time, despite the ghastly shoes. Today, however, I had a real goal. Beat President Obama's 129 avg. (no further comments on style). I got a strike on my first throw - nothing like a little healthy competition!

The bowling alley was good and busy. The Senior leagues taking up the middle lanes, and us family types on the outer fringes. I soon noticed a woman a couple of lanes over. I noticed because she bowled like a man, and I mean that in a good way.

No, she was not butch in appearance - NOT THAT THERE'D BE ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT IF SHE WERE - but dang she could rip that ball! I'm talkin' velocity! She seemed like a nice mom-type, there with a couple of young kids and an older woman I'm guessing was her mother or MIL. And when she stepped up to bowl, there was hell to pay for those pins.

So I decided to try to emulate her on my quest to beat the President.

Did I succeed? Well, I bowled a 111 average. Okay, so I didn't beat Mr. Obama. Still, I was satisfied enough with my performance, considering I bowl maybe 3 times in a year and considering the guy in the lane next to us set his bottle of chew tobacco spit on our shared table, significantly throwing my game off for a moment. DUDE!

I bet I could beat Michelle, though. Sleeveless!


  1. Did you bowl sleeveless, showing off your Michelle Obama-like "guns?"

  2. it's the shoes that kill me. urk. rented shoes freak me out- and we don't bowl enough to buy our own. agin, urk.
    baccy spit? you know you're in the States, when...

  3. You and Terri should square off in a bowl-a-thon!

  4. Most germ-infested public environment? Not bowling shoes, not restrooms, not pay phones or even office microwave ovens.

    Bowling ball holes.

  5. I'll be honest if at anytime I would break a hundred I'd feel like celebrating--actually I would celebrate. I'd just pretend it was golf and therefore good (I guess). I truly stink at bowling. So, at 111 you and the president are like light years ahead of me.

  6. Who teaches the men to bowl anyway? I've noticed they all throw the ball like they're trying to kill someone. Not me. Just a nice straight throw down the middle, if I'm lucky.

  7. I need to get my own shoes; my husband and daughter have their own; my daughter even has her own ball.

    But the two of them never seem to invite me along...I do love the social aspect of bowling. Especially if the lanes play good music over the loudspeakers.

  8. You make me want to go bowling...

    Also, I like the idea of trying to beat the President's score. I'll need to find out if the Prime Minister of Australia has ever gone bowling and been foolish enough to disclose his average...