Friday, December 12, 2008

symbols of love and fertility

I'm feeling good this morning. My roller coaster relationship with the milk man is on track today. Recall last week, we were having some communication issues and this consumed me for most of this week. Codependency is rough.

But after putting some serious work into this - mainly my inability to express myself and my needs in a way that he can clearly understand - we've made noticeable progress. I'm happy to say that the cheese was plainly absent from the cooler and had been replaced by lovable cuddly eggs, sitting right there alongside the unwavering milk.

As proof of his devotion, my Mr. Mm (that's just my pet name for him. Say it. "Mm") also left me this lusty missive:

Happy Holidays

from our family to yours!

_________ Your home delivery driver

*shivers with delight* He penned his name with his very own hand on the blank line. OMG! I would have reproduced it here on the blog, but it also happened to include a *ahem* photo.

It's his TRUCK!!

OH, what the heck! Here ladies, take a gander:

Be still, my heart


Duble said...

Is that a milk truck or a Shaggin' Wagon?

Judy said...


A CARD from Mr. Mm??? Wowza.

We'll get a card from our paperboy this next week, and he'll be expecting something of monetary value in return - usually green with a President's face somewhere on it.

Whimsical Ranter said...

I think he's milky on you. Giving you that picture of his big truck.

terri said...

You crack me up! I read "Mr. Mm" as "Mr. Mmmmm Mmmmm" as in "Mmmmm Mmmmm goooood!"

You're one lucky girl. Mr. Mm has a hot ride too!

agg79 said...

Remember the old saying?
"Milk. It does a body good."

Adam said...

abby, you are just too cute :D