Monday, November 3, 2008

easy like Monday morning

Two lemon poppyseed loaves and a round of antibiotics please.

That's kind of been my morning this Monday. Our elementary school is having a bake sale tomorrow since it's a polling place. Might as well cash in on the vote. With everyone voting early or mail-in, we'll see how many turn out on the actual voting day. A friend of mine went to vote on Friday and was faced with a 3-hour line, so she said, "Screw it. I'll vote on Tuesday". That raises my hopes for bake sale success.

So I cooked a couple of lemon poppyseed loaves - from a mix, whatever - and they have been successfully dropped off at the election day bake sale staging area. I'll be working the morning shift by the way, my fellow Americans...

And you know the cat got in that scrap last week. He seemed to be healing up well enough, but then he started to stink to high heaven! Upon examination, we discovered another facial wound. Nasty puncture that almost went all the way through his upper lip. "Does your face hurt?? 'cause it's killing me!", I told him. He didn't laugh.

We drowned him in antiseptic all weekend and he started to smell a little better, but I took him to the vet's this morning. Here's some more gore:


And another of the nose:

Anyway, no infection yet, and he got a nice shot of some new antibiotic that will hold him off for two weeks. He's acting his usual self. In fact, he keeps badgering us to put him outside at night, he's looking for a rematch with Smokey, stupid cat.

So that's been my morning. That and Cookie LITERALLY got pissed at me for taking him to the vet's.

Gotta go clean the cat carrier now...


Freak Magnet said...

OUCH! You can also clean kitty's boo-boo with a little warm water and hydrogen peroxide to keep it clean since it's in kind of a tough spot for him to clean. :)

I have an award waiting for you, come see! ((hugs))

Linda said...

I don't know how many times I've taken my cat to the vets becasue of some nasty scrapes he gets. He's ALWAYS fighting! Stupid'd think they'd learn!!

Duble said...

I a;m thinking of getting in on the election day consession business. last time there where folks in line till after midnight.

If i had me a hot dog stand, i would rake it in. well for one day anyway.

one day ever four year, i don't think I can put up the capital.

Judy said...

Brilliant - a bake sale on election day! We can help reduce the federal deficit!

brandy101 said...

I would totally buy a cupcake if I was waiting in a line...but then what would happen if stray icing messed up the touchscreen machine?!? ;)

My Percy always pees himself the minute we get in the car to go to the vet!

Whimsical Ranter said...

First excellent idea on having a bake sale at the polling place. I would totally buy stuff.

Of course Cookie is upset with you for bringing him to the vet. That's the way cats are. It can't be their fault. Cats don't have a forehead therefore I'm not at all convinced they can remember past their last meal.

terri said...

What's more American than voting and bake sales? Doesn't get any more patriotic than that!

POOR Cookie! He's one TOUGH cookie!