Monday, September 29, 2008

sharing the lurve

I've seen this award floating around. I think I've actually received it a time or two, I just received it again from Linda over at A Trucker's Wife, and it's about time I pay it forward!

I remember when I first started blogging. It was over 4 years ago now. We had just moved to a new house in a new city and I didn't know anyone here. I was a stay-at-home-mom, Chaco and Wolfgang were elementary schoolers, and Meego was my 3-year-old constant companion.

Out of sheer boredom and loneliness, my blog was born. I wasn't looking to blog 'round the clock. I wasn't looking to amass large numbers of hits on my site. It was just something to do from home. It was just something that I could call mine and mine only. I could write whatever I wanted, I could put up whatever decorations I wanted, I could change it whenever I wanted. Enough about YOU, let's talk about ME!

Then people started to visit. And comment. Not very many at first, but enough for me to realize yet another reason to have a blog: friendship.

Now, I've got a high schooler, a middle schooler, an elementary schooler, and a part-time job. We're in a different house, and I have managed to make enough local friendships to at least have some numbers to list in the "emergency contact" box for school, and to have been suckered into a number of volunteer jobs.

And through all the transitions, the blog has remained. I consider my blog friendships to be just as real and important as the real-life squishy kind. A little different in context maybe, but still important to me.

And now I'm suppose to share the Love of the "Love Your Blog" award. I give it to all the blog friends who "know who you are". You do know who you are don't you? But I thought I'd spell out some blogs I've just recently discovered, and whose authors aren't as well known around here.

First, I throw it right back to A Trucker's Wife whose blog is always positive and upbeat and just a darn friendly place to visit.

Next up, Anna over at Knitting and Randomness. I stumbled upon her one day while searching for a way to dye a yucky colored, but otherwise nice sweater. I still don't have a strategy for dying the sweater, but I enjoy her blog and I don't even knit! (not counting that horrendous scarf I made in 7th grade home ec. that I hope was never worn in public).

I did recently mention Large Fella on a Bike, but he gets the award too. Not only is his weight loss story impressive, but his entries on just the every day life of a dad, husband, bike rider, human, etc. are always a pleasure to read.

And I think I'll also include Child Wrangler Jen who stops by here sometimes. Jen is a nanny, and while I wonder about parents who hire someone to be "mom' to their kids, I certainly have no gripes with the nannies themselves. Jen's charges are lucky to have her.

So thanks to everyone who takes time out of their day to visit "me". Feel the LOOOOOVE!


monileigh said...


You deserve it.

Mrs. Diamond said...

I know how you feel about blogging being such an important part of life. Even though I have been way to busy to keep up with mine as I once did, I just don't have the heart to stop altogether. :)

Whimsical Ranter said...

You deserve the award.

terri said...

Congratulations! You do have a loveable blog!

BITR Country Girl said...

Congrats on the award Abby!

Linda said...

awww..thanks...:) Have a great day!!

Anna said...

Wheee - thanks!
(Hey, one of the benefits of making things is that people have to pretend to like them - just tell everyone that the 7th grade scarf was beautiful and nobody will dare contradict you!)