Sunday, August 10, 2008

sunday procrastination

Here I am pretending to be doing some work. The menfolk went out to the shooting range. Meego doesn't yet count as "menfolk", so he got stuck home with me. Just as well, he and his neighbor buddy are over having a rip-roaring time on a pile of gravel. Gotta love landscaping season.

So I finally heard from the elementary school PTO bored (yes, I can spell) president. They had a meeting last week. WITHOUT me! Apparently, an e-mail was sent out. I never got it. She never got it back. Anyway, I have to e-mail her some stuff, so I'll know she has my correct e-mail addy. There's probably someone out there with a very similar address to mine wondering, "WTF?"

But I'm just glad to know that ice cream night is planned. There WILL be ice cream, we WILL have our shirt slinging table. I'll be working second shift at the t-shirt table and I WILL force Chaco and Wolfgang to help dole out ice cream. It just wouldn't be the start of school without some forced volunteerism.

Seems strange to be talking about "the start of school".

Okay, back to work. Mag will most likely come home with a new gun he's been planning on getting, him being the resident firearms and gardening expert and all. Plus Dragon Man's a good guy, and I'd just as soon we make such purchases from him. I'm quite sure that he's no relation to The Captain from "The Captain and Tenille"...

... not that that's relevant.


Jen said...

This is the first year in um....18 years that I haven't been either starting or returning to school. FREEEEEEEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Judy said...

Ooooh, I like that trick - didn't get the email so I couldn't make the meeting! I'll have to try that one out!

Daveman said...

YOU MOVED! HAH! You didn't think I would find your forwarding address did you!!?
Uhm - you did? DANG! That just took the fun right out of it. :-(

I wasn't stalking you anyway. I prefer to think of it as, Ruthless Privacy Invasion & Surveillance Tactics.

And oh yeah "I AM LEGEND" is essentually a sophisticated remake of The Omega Man which starred Charlton Heston. It was pretty good if you like Rabid Mutant Human type movies. Will Smith plays a seemingly sole human survivor of a genetic desease/experiment gone bad.

Herb said...

I like Dragon Man, too. He also isn't afraid to speak out, which I like.