Tuesday, August 19, 2008

snug as a bug

Gee, I remember thinking last week sometime, "welp, once the kids are all back in school, I'll have more time to get stuff done". Okay, they're back! I'm waiting!

Actually, if I stop to think about it, I have been quite productive. Plus, they've only been back for 3 days. It's just the stuff I've gotten done is that magic stuff that I do around here. Some examples:

  • You write something on the grocery list and POOF! It magically appears in the pantry
  • You request a book from the library and POOF! It magically appears on your desk
  • You put dirty clothes somewhere in the vicinity of the laundry basket and POOF! They come back cleaned, dried, folded and oh so pretty wrinkle-free
  • Dirt and grime? POOF! All gone
  • You want dinner? POOF! It's usually edible.

... and so on it goes with hardly even a hitch. BUT, should I, say, get a new rug to replace the hideous one that has adorned the living room since I-don't-remember-when -- the phlegm and booger colored rug with the waffle pockets that make cleaning it a pain in the A$$, the rug I have never really liked and can't for the life of me remember why I bought the thing in the first place, the rug that was SO fun to roll up and toss into the dumpster because I'm pretty sure Goodwill wouldn't even want it. Should I replace that with a tasteful, simple, low-maintenance
new rug, all of a sudden everyone notices what I've been up to.

"But we've had that other one forever. It's older than Meego." (that's a good thing?)

"It's too smooth" (all the better for you to clean up your annoying crunchy noodles!)

"It's too dark" (any color is better than phlegm, and dark hides YOUR stains)

"The new one doesn't go with the furniture." (the furniture doesn't go with the furniture)

.... and so on it goes. They'll learn to like it. My busyness may go unappreciated at times, but we all know who's Queen of the hive.


Judy said...


Unfortunately, going back to school involves me as well...sigh. Maybe one day I'll get to go grocery shopping without the vultures.

terri said...

Isn't that the way it always goes? They only take notice when that "something" you've done is to please yourself.

Kelly/Sharkbait said...

hello Abby!! It's been awhile. :) Nice new spiffy place.

Kelly/Sharkbait said...

hello Abby!! It's been awhile. :) Nice new spiffy place.