Wednesday, August 20, 2008

cheese, yeah, whatever

On that note, I'm spent.

I spent about 5 hours herding elementary school children through class picture day today. I've done this before, I know the drill. And still, I return.

It's not really difficult, it's more of a stamina thing. Every grade. Every class. Every student. Remember class pictures when you were a little kid? I do. We went to the gym or auditorium with our classes. One by one we stepped behind the curtain. Every year it was the same photographer guy. I can still picture him in his flat top crew cut and birth control glasses.

Sit. Smile. Camera flashes. "NEXT!" A few weeks later, the envelope of pictures arrives. Same as everyone else. Move on.

Now, there's like 24 different package choices, 6 different background color choices, 4 different pose choices, 5 diffent "extras". *GASP*. I think it would be easier to herd wolverines. And don't forget the kids with divorced parents with the Mom package and the Dad package. Different background colors, different poses, different package combinations - no wonder they're divorced.

But we got them all through. Wiped plenty of faces, combed plenty of cowlicks and bedheads, realigned plenty of buttons. No lunch-on-the-shirt issues, no tiaras, and thankfully, no glitter make-up this year.

It's a good thing there was no group photo of the volunteers at the end. Just sayin'.


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terri said...

Ummm... Ab? Is your spam filter not working today? (See above comments.)

I took my kids to the high school yesterday to pick up schedules, pay into lunch accounts, buy a parking pass and... get pictures taken. We don't get the picture order form until we arrive and we have a mere few minutes to decide which package. It was every bit as painful as you described... standard packages, colored backgrounds, personalized wallet photos, etc, etc. And the prices are outrageous! I'm wondering who's actually buying all the extras on the off-chance that the single snapshot is going to actually end up worthy of a frame!

Judy said...

Yikes, you got hit today, didn't you! Probably that sperm picture that's attracting all the spammers.

School pictures irk me - do I buy them? Do I not? Ugh. I'd rather take my own!

Joe said...

Back when I was in school, the photographer would make sure the kids had their hair combed and their face free of ketchup/mustard/whatever.

Nowadays they make you pay for the packages in advance and the pictures look like crap.

I don't buy them anymore.

pendoodles said...

HaHaHa love the cartoon!

SSchool picture HELL arggggggggg